Ashley Harris

The new version of Pour Over Me is fantastic. I want to know if you will come to Phoenix and sing it for me live?

Love ya

Ashley Harris responded on 06/12/2014


We are so glad to hear you enjoyed Ashley's new version of Pour Over Me! Please share your name, phone number and email with us so we may follow up with you about a potential performance for Ashley Harris in Phoenix, AZ.

Ashley would need to have hotel, and airfare provided in order to travel as well as $1500 for a two hour performance. In some instances, fans of Ashley have taken up a "love offering" to help cover the cost for travel, accommodations and the performance fee. Please let us know as well which setting you would provide for the performance: church or house concert. We will need a designated sponsor to fund this event in order to book Ashley for a performance.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Greg Gronholm
Ashley Harris Management and Booking

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